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Our Walt Disney World Travel Adventure; A Celebration of Our Life, Love and Triumphs
Quality Of Life Omnimedia's Parents & Kids Magazine

Our family has been working hard, the kids with their studies, spelling tests, math tests, and science projects. Mom and dad have been working hard to keep the family working smoothly and cooperatively while at the same time taking care of everyone's various needs. Birthday parties, sports events, play dates and you know the list goes on.

We are teaching our children to learn that we should work hard first and then take the time to enjoy each other's company as a family in order to celebrate our triumphs and our love for each other. We decide that we, mom and dad, need a vacation.

This time Anthony and Christopher have a new sister, Sarah. We need to make sure that the place where we choose to vacation is clean, safe, has the basic modern needs such as reliable water, high-end food and hospitals nearby. The destination must be able to keep all three children happy and occupied. These needs will quickly eliminate a number of travel hotspots.

Although we have visited Walt Disney World in the past; we almost immediately decide that we all would be happiest together and individually if we returned again with little Sarah.

A Winning Family Reunion

The Hansen Family recently booked their family reunion at Walt Disney World. Elsie and Ron Hansen told their children that their Christmas gift this year would be a trip to Walt Disney World for each of their families. In all, 9 grandchildren, and 8 adults spent a week together and vowed to make this a regular occurrence. They had a great time.

Quality Of Life Omnimedia's Parents & Kids Magazine

Kid Friendly

"You just can't beat the Walt Disney World Theme Park for overall kid friendly fun and incomparable customer service. It is also a place that is fabulous for young couples and zoomers who flock to the park year-round, with and without their children."

We can't afford to travel with every other Canadian during the March Break. It just doesn't seem right to spend that kind of money for one week, when you can spend less, if you waited a week or two.

I am ecstatic to discover that the prices are affordable with the great promotion that they are running. We book seven days at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge.

Mom and dad will rejuvenate our body and spirit in luxurious surroundings while Anthony and Christopher will do their ultimate, African adventure; the African safari with our room, overlooking the beautiful Savannah.

We booked the Magic Your Way Package, which gives us Disney Resort Accommodations and Theme Park Admission Tickets along with a host of extras.

Quality Of Life Omnimedia's Parents & Kids Magazine

Most Popular Package

Walt Disney World Magic Your Way Package

Disney Resort Accommodations

Theme Park Admission Tickets

Most Popular package is the Walt Disney World Magic Your Way Package. It includes your Disney Resort Accommodations and your theme park admission tickets.

Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge extras that the kids loved

The zero depth entry pool was enjoyable for our toddler. It boasted a 67 foot long slide which was perfect for the big guys.

The most awesome experience ever!

It was the adventure of a lifetime. We were in awe of the majestic view and its accompanying experience. Anthony exclaimed; "Walking out on our balcony in the morning and observing a giraffe or gazelle while waiting for mom and dad to get ready" was priceless. Other animals that we observed roaming freely included “zebra, waterbuck, impala, ostrich, pelicans and flamingos, according to Christopher.

There were many activities to do right on our resort grounds. Anthony reminisced; "Arts and crafts face painting, storytelling were great but the best was when we did our special evening savannah safari."

"The food is always great" beams Christopher.

After our long day of travel, we had two stopovers, we were famished. After checking into our room, we quickly went to The Mara, a quick-service restaurant with wholesome and delicious food available at take out prices and speed.

Our favourite breakfast restaurant was Boma, where we started every day with an amazing buffet breakfast.

Jiko, the on site, restaurant was delicious and high end in quality.

All three restaurants offered kid-friendly foods that were delicious and enjoyable to eat.

All Kids Love Walt Disney World

Quality Of Life Omnimedia's Parents & Kids Magazine Benefits of staying at a Disney resort instead of non Disney property

Complimentary 'Disney's Magical Express' transportation service from Orlando International Airport to your resort and to all Disney destinations throughout the Walt Disney World property

This complimentary service includes boats, buses and monorails that await to transport you to all theme parks, water parks, Downtown Disney and more, no need for rental car.

Coach Service to the park will bypass the parking lines and fees

Extra Magic Hours at the parks

These special hours are offered to Disney guests only, before and after park hours.

Delivery of purchased parcels to your resort

On site check-in and boarding pass acquisition during the day of your departure

This time, we were really happy to have our Bugaboo Cameleon with us.

Because it is so lightweight, it is a dream to maneuver. With one hand, I am able to effortlessly push in a straight line or in a tiny 360 degree circle, this highly maneuverable stroller.

In addition, its adjustable handlebar instantly tailors the stroller's height to suit mom, dad and brothers.

It comes with a bassinet and a roomy, easy to recline bucket seat so that it can be used from birth until needed.

Most convenient for me, is the feature that allows me to change direction of the seat positioning. The first time I discovered this feature was when I stopped to feed Sarah a jar of apricots in front of Test Track. I quickly realized the wonderful benefit of easily pushing the handlebar out of our way. Later on in the evening, Sarah is able to watch the Wishes Fireworks show without the handlebar in her way!

I imagine that the ride is smooth and airy because the Cameleon has large, air filled rear wheels and an excellent suspension system.

Its excellent overall quality and versatility make it, in my opinion, the Benz of strollers.

The only drawback with the Cameleon is that it was a challenge to use and disassemble the first time we used it. Quality Of Life Omnimedia's Parents & Kids Magazine

For the full story, read the fall edition of Quality Of Life Omnimedia's Parents & Kids Magazine.
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