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Thursday, March 5, 2007.


If you are like many women, your diet may be less than ideal during the first few months of pregnancy. You are tired, feeling nauseated - who feels like preparing well-balanced meals? A nutritionally complete diet, especially before you know that you are pregnant is one of the best things that you will do for your baby and for you. It will decrease your miscarriage risk and keep you healthy and well.

Here is how to make sure that you are getting all the vitamins and minerals that you need.

Your food supplies you with almost everything that you need. Each day, try to eat

  • 9 - 11 servings of fresh vegetables and fruits
  • 8 - 11 servings of whole grains, breads, cereal, rice, pasta
  • 3 - 4 servings milk or other calcium-rich, low-fat dairy products
  • 2 - 3 servings lean organic meats, eggs, nuts, seeds, dried peas and beans
  • 8 or more glasses of water
  • daily prenatal vitamin containing 400 micrograms (0.4 mg) of folic acid and iron

Get plenty of rest and make sure to really take care of yourself. Try a prenatal fitness or yoga class. Schedule a couple of massages to help ease tension. Most importantly, enjoy this time!

For more Canada Food Guide information, visit the Health Canada website at www.hc-sc.gc.ca/fn-an/food-guide-aliment/index_e.html highlights of which were used as a reference.

To discover more ways to stay healthy during and after your pregnancy visit a Mother-To-Be Expo near you including; Barrie (Holiday Inn on March 7th), Richmond Hill (Premiere Ballroom on March 14), Woodbridge (Supreme Banquet Hall on April 18), Pickering (Carruther's Creek Golf & Country Club on May 9) and Markham (Peter and Paul Banquet Hall on May 16).

Seats at this exclusive evening of discovery and pampering are limited. It is best to register in advance at www.mothertobeexpo.ca. You may also call 416 945 8315 but registering on-line will give you a free 2 year subscription to Parents & Kids Magazine and one additional free door prize ticket.

Thursday, March 1, 2007.


Mother To Be Expo attendees discover the best in pregnancy and infant care products. Quality Of Life Omnimedia Best of the Year award recipients are displayed centre stage at this parenting extravaganza.

The bottom line is that "I want to give my baby only the best in safety and comfort." explains Sharon, a recent Mother-To-Be Expo attendee. 'I attended my first Mother-To-Be Expo with my sister. At that time she was expecting her first baby. Ann Douglas' The Mother of All Pregnancy Books was announced as the most respected parenting reference of the year. In addition to delighting in her easy to read guide, this year I also enjoyed her Sleep Solutions for Your Baby, Toddler and Preschooler. It was also awarded the prestigious Quality Of Life Omnimedia Award of Excellence in 2006. Ann's books are filled with solutions to my many parenting questions and dilemmas.

This year Sudocrem® has received the highest ranking in diaper rash creams. Samples of this amazing cream are supplied at the show. SUDOCREM's unique triple action formula soothes, heals & protects baby's skin from diaper rash, dry skin and minor skin irritations.

One of the newest additions to the award winning table of honour is the KozyRoo by Kozy & Co Inc. This stroller bunting bag fits 3 and 5 point stroller harness systems and is perfect for the safety conscious active parent. Equally valuable to new parents; Your Child's Health & Wellness Record by Karen Melnick is a beautiful, gift-quality health journal for every child! This essential guide is especially helpful during pregnancy and in baby's first year.

To discover the complete listing of Quality Of Life Omnimedia award winners for 2006 visit one of their Mother-To-Be Expo venues including; Barrie (Holiday Inn on March 7th), Richmond Hill(Premiere Ballroom on March 14), Woodbridge (Supreme Banquet Hall on April 18), Pickering (Carruther's Creek Golf & Country Club on May 9) and Markham (Peter and Paul Banquet Hall on May 16).

Seats at this exclusive evening of discovery and pampering are limited. It is best to register in advance at www.mothertobeexpo.ca. You may also call 416 945 8315 but registering on-line will give you a free 2 year subscription to Parents & Kids Magazine and one additional free door prize ticket.

September 4, 2006.


Fifty lucky expectant mothers were showered with Mother-To-Be Expo prize packs this weekend. While rain sprinkled them from above, pregnant woment won books, medical maternity hosiery, DVD's, videos, cassettes, nursing bras, 3 month supply of disposable diapers, breast pumps and a variety of newborn basics. In keeping with the traditional generosity of this GTA favourite, Mother-To-Be Expo is delighting a little early this year to celebrate its 25th show and to give a taste of Wednesday night's popular festivities.

Angela was overcome with emotion as she told Quality Of Life Omnimedia that this was her first pregnancy and her first time ever winning anything.

Winners were also invited to attend the free Mother-To-Be Expo and to accept the opportunity to participate in seminars showcasing the newest pregnancy technology.

Look for the Quality Of Life Omnimedia cruiser on the move every day this week and giving away more exciting prizes and tickets. Mother-To-Be Expo is a yearly event that showers GTA residents with free pregnancy and baby prizes. Their top prize this year is an award winning stroller.


It's an INFORMATION AND PRIZE PACKED evening of exclusive pregnancy technology and wellness news.

Canada's top pregnancy, wellness and childbirth experts are in the GTA to present, entertain, encourage and inspire from September 6 - November 15 and Quality Of Life Omnimedia is sponsoring the events to ensure FREE ADMISSION for all who register on-line!

The thrilling action begins with a free gift for mom and an exclusive Thyme Maternity fashion show. The show is upscale, always in a beautiful and comfortable setting. Most importantly, it is in your own community. See our complete list of locations below.

Participants include; pregnant women and their partner, friend or mother. Seminar topic may include; (topics vary at each venue)

  • 10 Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy
  • Infant First Aid
  • Pregnancy Changes Alter your Mind and Body: What you need to know
  • Newborn Care: Sleeping Basics, Handling, Feeding, Burping, Bonding, Soothing, Diapering, Bathing, Cord Care, Your Baby's Nails, Infant Seats, How Can I Tell if My Baby Is Getting Enough to Eat?, Getting Help after Birth
  • Newest Technology Available for your Pregnancy: Cord-Blood banking: Is it right for you? Understanding Ultrasound Images
  • First Time Dads; Helping Your First Child Adjust
  • First Time Brother or Sister; What you need to know
  • Maternity Fashions: what's hot, smart and classic
  • 10 Things to Know about Your Pregnancy: Benefits of Taking a Childbirth Class, Benefits of Exercising During Pregnancy

Quality Of Life Omnimedia 2006/2007 Mother-To-Be Expo season
WEDNESDAY, September 6 | Supreme Banquet Hall, 8311 Weston Road, Woodbridge
TUESDAY, October 17 | Mississauga Convention Centre, 75 Derry Road W., Mississauga
WEDNESDAY, November 15 | Ellas, 35 Danforth Rd., Toronto / Beaches
WEDNESDAY, March 7 | Holiday Inn, 20 Fairview Road, Barrie
WEDNESDAY, March 14 | Premiere Ballroom, 9019 Leslie Street, Richmond Hill
WEDNESDAY, April 18 | Supreme Banquet Hall, 8311 Weston Road, Woodbridge
WEDNESDAY, May 9 | Carruther's Creek Golf & Country Club, 650 Lake Ridge Road, Ajax / Pickering WEDNESDAY, May 16 | Peter and Paul Banquet Hall, 231 Milner Avenue, Toronto / Markham

       Shows begin at 6:30 PM and conclude by 8:30 PM

SPOT THE CRUISER! Look for the Quality Of Life Omnimedia Community Cruiser on the move in the GTA! Win cool prizes, including copies of Sleep Solutions for your Baby, Toddler and Preschooler, written by Canada's own, Ann Douglas!

For more information about the Quality Of Life Omnimedia 2006 Mother-To-Be Expo! and to reserve your free seat visit www.qualityoflifemedia.com or call 416 945 8315.


Maria Komljanec
Show Producer
Quality Of Life Omnimedia
(416) 945-8315

Tuesday, August 22, 2006.

Beautiful Belly FASHIONS

We are in the era of maternity clothing that looks and feels fabulous! Sexy and pregnant have emerged as one.

The modern mother-to-be is stylish, sexy and important. She is proud of her growing belly and loves to reveal her curves and her beautiful bump. Gone are the days of hiding, tented in childish frills, colours and bows. Fabric innovations and technology development transcend today's fashion conscious woman to a new level of comfort, practicality and beauty.

Mother-To-Be is also bearing witness to the intersection of fashion and health. Society encourages our Mother-To-Be to feel good about her fit and healthy pregnancy which leaves growth concentrated on her belly. She has worked hard to keep her pre-pregnancy body trim and beautiful. Now is her time to glow and be encouraged to stay healthy for her baby.

In a recent survey, Quality Of Life Omnimedia's Mother-To-Be Expo attendees were asked to rate and qualify their maternity clothing purchase. Quality, comfort, elegance and a price to suit a tight budget; were the most important considerations for today's pregnant shopper.

This is not surprising states Maria, of Qualityoflifemedia.com because unless you have an unlimited clothing budget, you're probably wondering how you will get through the next year of baby shopping, without crushing your finances. A very popular trend with today's savvy expectant mom is the layered outfit; giving Mother-To-Be two distinct looks and the added ability to control temperature at the same time. The top maternity fashion designers know that many pregnant women report feeling hot in winter clothing. This is especially true in the third trimester. Quality clothing will use lighter fabrics that are easily mixed and matched. Comfortable and durable undergarments that will retain their tactile and visual beauty throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding will keep mom feeling sexy and lovely.

Toronto's top maternity fashions will be on display, beginning September 6 at a Mother-To-Be Expo location near you. For information on a location near you and for information on how to register for free admission, visit www.qualityoflifemedia.com or call 416 945 8315.

Registration is limited to the first 150 couples at this upscale wellness and pregnancy show, exclusive to GTA communities.

Important Considerations When Purchasing Maternity Clothing
  • Quality
  • Comfort
  • Elegance
  • Price
  • Layered for temperature control
  • Calming fabric colours, patterns and textures
  • Safe dyes that won't bleed into skin

    Monday, August 21, 2006.

    Infant Car Seat Safety Check
              THE BEST INFANT CAR SEAT OF 2006

    Fifty percent of car seats are used incorrectly; reports the York Region based, Mother-To-Be Expo campaign. These mistakes can be deadly. There is something that you can do to make your baby safer. Begin by reading your car seat installation guide.

    Visit one of 8 GTA Mother-To-Be Expo locations near you, to learn more about how to keep your child safe in his car seat. Following, is a quick checklist of the most common mistakes that you should avoid.

    One of the basic points to remember is to make sure that the child seat is not too loose in the car. Test this by grasping, with both hands, the base of the car seat, close to the vehicle safety belt opening. You should not be able to move the car seat more than one inch to either side. Fix this by tightening the seat belt and then locking the seat belt.

    After you car seat is securely positioned in the car, you'll need to make sure that your child is tightened into his car seat harness system. If you can still pinch the fabric of the harness straps between your fingers, the harness is too loose. If your child is loose in his harness, he can easily slip out of his car seat in a crash. The harness should be tight and should have no slack.

    Your child should remain rear-facing, at least, until he is 1 year old and weighs 20 pounds. Babies need to fulfill both of these requirements, age and weight in order to become forward facing. No baby should ever be turned forward facing before his first birthday. If your baby weighs less than 20 pounds on his first birthday, keep him rear-facing until he reaches 20 pounds. This is important because the spinal cord bones are still undeveloped. In the case of a collision, an infant's relatively heavy head can catapult forward, causing his still developing spine to expose his spinal cord. This puts him at risk of paralysis and life-threatening injury.

    Use the retainer clip, in the correct position, at all times. The retainer clip should always be placed at armpit level or resting across your child's breastbone. When this clip is in the correct position, the shoulder straps are consequently, automatically, in the safest position. This will keep your child in the car seat, in case of collision.

    Make sure your child's harness straps are through the correct slots. Most two-in-one car seats are designed with three sets of harness slots. The lower slots are designed for the rear-facing position, whereas, the top set is for the forward facing position. It is very important to adjust these straps and place them in the correct slots, to ensure the reinforcement that is necessary to keep the harness secure, in case of collision. It is best to check your manual, when in doubt about what is right for your car seat.

    Many infant car seats have a built-in level that visually indicates when your seat is at the wrong angle. More often than not, seats are installed in a position that's too upright. The danger in keeping an incorrect car seat angle is that in the event of a collision, your infant's relatively heavy head could fall forward, cutting off her very narrow airway, thus impeding her breathing.

    Even after you child seat is correctly installed, there are still some common hazzards to watch out for when keeping your infant safe. Some rear view mirrors can present a danger to your rear-facing infant. The mirrors that suction onto the back window or attach to the back of the car can fly and hit your baby's head, in the event of a sudden stop.

    Children from 4 to 8 years of age, depending on their weight, need to ride in a booster seat. The booster seat lifts them up higher so that the car's seat belt will fit properly. Failing to be seat belted in a booster seat, could cause a child to sustain massive internal-organ damage or head and spinal injuries. This is because an adult seat belt, used by itself, crosses the child's body in the wrong areas.

    Over the past decade, millions of car seats have been recalled. Check to see if your's has been recalled. If you discover that your seat has been recalled, contact the manufacturer for further instructions. Never purchase a car seat at a garage sale or at a second hand store, since it may have been recalled or been involved in a collision.


    Selecting the proper car seat for your child is extremely important. There are so many models; brands and styles to choose from that it can be somewhat confusing. Mother-To-Be Expo has the consumer pick's Best Infant Car Seat of 2006.

    Beginning September 6th, you can visit a Mother-To-Be Expo location to view the infant car seat display, with the information you need to help you decide which seat is right for you. Visit www.qualityoflifemedia.com or call 416 945 8315 to reserve your free seat, free gift and most importantly a fun and informative night for Mother-To-Be!

    Registration is limited to the first 150 couples at this upscale wellness and pregnancy show, exclusive to GTA communities.

    Infant Car Seat Safely Check
  • Make sure that the child seat is not too loose in the car
  • Make sure that your child is tightened into his car seat harness system
  • Keep your child in the rear-facing position until he is 1 year old AND weighs 20 pounds
  • Keep the retainer clip in the correct position at all times
  • Route your child's harness straps through the correct slots
  • Check to make sure your car seat sits at the correct angle